Our Expertise

Tailor-made lighting services and products

Yunustech offers expertise in design, manufacturing and installation of professional lighting systems.

Yunustech products and lighting serve various systems:

  • Horticultural Lighting Systems Design and Manufacturing
  • Greenhouse Lighting Systems
  • Store Lighting Systems
  • LED Lighting Systems

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of activities to produce the right lighting solution:

  • Assessment, feasibility, preliminary costing
  • Preliminary spec, luminosity, colour, BIN thermal loading, cooling conditions, power requirements, environmental conditions, certifications.
  • Schematic
  • Artwork
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Mechanical design
  • Prototype
  • Qualification test
  • Certification
  • Documentation
  • Cost analysis
  • Manufacturing

Yunustech is vertically integrated from design through manufacturing to installation and service. This has permitted a culture of high quality and ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 (medical) certifications.

In addition to lighting, products include:

  • Customized power supplies
  • Customized LED boards
  • Colour mixing solutions
  • GUI software development
  • Wireless light controls

Quality Policy

We provide high quality, technologically advanced, innovative products and services to our customers at fair prices. We respect nature and we respect life. We recognize our responsibility to our customers, employees, suppliers and to our communities. Our quality objectives ensure that we:

  • Develop the best solutions for real needs
  • Meet or exceed customer requirements
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Sustain reliable and consistent product manufacturing
  • Work with suppliers that share our high product quality and service standards
  • Maintain projects within budget and delivery expectations
  • Continually review and improve our quality management system

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Tailor-made lighting services and products

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