Surgical Lights are among important equipment in any operating room. They must provide a considerable amount of uniform light to an adjustable field.

High colour rendering index (CRI) and a low amount of heat is very important in surgical lighting as surgeons need to see detailed colour of tissues.

Most of the surgical lights were based on the halogen lights which generate substantial heat with life spans averaging around 8,000 hours. Cost of the systems were elevated due to complex mechanicals to adjust the size of the workfield. Mechanical adjustment mechanisms often malfunctioned and required costly repairs.

Yunustech developed a proprietary algorithm to eliminate costly and complex mechanisms. Field of illumination is electronically adjusted. Employing very high CRI LEDs instead of halogen bulbs reduce heat emission substantially while bringing an expected life of over 100,000 hours. Yunustech also designed and manufactured a smaller light for examination rooms by using this concept.