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I am the scientist at a large greenhouse, We are one of the biggest herb growers in Ontario. We are using artificial lights around the year to shorten the grow cycle. Yunustech showed us their new CERES light. Yunustech’s lights do not have mechanical fans which is a big advantage for green houses. As happens in many greenhouses, occasionally we need to use pulverized substances which accumulate on the propellers and cause premature failures.

Another very nice feature is that Yunustech’s lights are dynamic. The wavelength combinations are controlled from a control room wirelessly. We are in the process of developing our own lighting programs. The positive effect of the wavelength control became evident within the very first week. I am looking forward for Yunustech’s new series of green house lights.

Dr. Leo


Our LED lighting products are designed specifically for greenhouses and agriculture to deliver long-lasting, adjustable energy efficient lighting. Our focus is on developing superior growth lights for unmatched crop efficiency. We tailor each project by providing multiple offerings that can be customized to your needs. With cutting-edge innovation we will build custom lighting solutions to match your project’s needs.

Superior Growth Lights for Unmatched Crop Efficiency

Our production and manufacturing allow us to develop the most energy efficient lighting and technologies for your agricultural business. Lights can be connected through wired or wireless links and can be programmed with specific week-long growth formulas. From small family farms to high-tech plant factories, we can offer every grower a custom solution to help plants grow more efficiently.

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Ceres ML

These primary growth light systems are specifically developed for multilevel growth operations. They can be installed on carts, shelves, or hung from the ceiling and come in lengths of either 2,4,6 or 8 feet.

Ceres CL

These primary growth light systems are specifically developed for multilevel growth operations in harsh environments. Ceres CL is ideal for hot, humid, and wet greenhouse working conditions. Install on carts, shelves or hang from the ceiling. Ceres CL comes in lengths of either 2,4,6 or 8 feet.

Ceres J

Ceres J comes in two different types for two different purposes. Ceres J UNB is an ultra narrow band pesticide light while. Ceres J is a night break light for plants like chrysantheums.

Ceres V

Ceres V5 is specifically developed for greenhouses and consumes less energy. Blue and red spectrum lights help plants grow more efficiently.

Ceres e5

Ceres-e5 is a primary or secondary medium to high bay growth light system specifically developed as a HPS or HID replacement for both greenhouses and indoor growing facilities.

Greenhouse Purple Lights

August 5, 2017

Surgical Light Development

August 5, 2017

Fish-Shaped Accent Lights

August 5, 2017

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From store lighting systems to LED lighting for power supplies, Yunustech offers modern LED lighting for stores and retail applications.

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From LED lighting for surgical rooms to high-end residential lighting, Yunustech creates custom lighting solutions for installations around the globe.

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