Ceres S

Dynamic Spectrum Supplemental Lighting Fixture

Horticulture Ceres Lighting

Ceres S is a low height primary growth light system specifically developed for multi-level growth operations. Ceres S can be installed on carts, shelves or hung from ceilings.

The ratio between red and blue can be adjusted in the range of 1:1 to 4:1. Each light fixture has a unique address and is connected to a host computer via wired or wireless link. Week-long growth formulas can adjust light intensity.

Typical life expectancy of light fixtures is over 70,000 hours.

I am the scientist at a large greenhouse, We are one of the biggest herb grower in Ontario. We are using artificial lights around the year to shorten the grow cycle.

Yunustech showed us their new CERES light. Yunustech’s lights do not have mechanical fans which is a big advantage for green houses. As happens in many greenhouses, occasionally we need to use pulverized substances which accumulate on the propellers and cause premature failures. Another very nice feature is that Yunustech’s lights are dynamic. The wavelength combination are controlled from control room wirelessly. We are in the process of developing our own lighting programs. The positive effect of the wavelength control became evident within the very first week. I am looking forward for Yunustech’s new series of green house lights.

Dr. Leo


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Greenhouse Lighting System

Greenhouse Purple Lights

The purple glow seen at the Grimsby greenhouse is the combination of red and blue light. De Leonardis said greenhouses that have LED lights tend to have static lights with a fixed amount of blue or red. For instance, a greenhouse growing tomatoes may use 30 per cent blue and 70 per cent red light. He said Freeman Herbs is one of the most advanced greenhouses in Canada because it uses dynamic LED lights. They allow De Leonardis to change the ratio of colours to whatever he thinks would help the plants from anywhere wirelessly.

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