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CRIsp Single Colour Bar

CRIsp is one of the industry’s leading linear light boards designed for effective use of LUXEON REBEL LEDs. These versatile boards can be connected in any combination of parallel and serial branches without need of multiple constant current power supplies.

CRIsp light bars can be ordered with additional pass thru cables for carrying power to the next string of lights.

  • Leading Efficacy, light output and maximum flexibility
  • Wide CCT and CRI combinations
  • ANSI color binning
  • Wide LED, current and optics selections
  • Superior heat transfer via custom heat sink
  • On board current regulator, reverse polarity protection, and over temperature protection.
Retail CRIsp Lighting


CRIsp RGB is used in tradeshows, exterior and interior wall washing, stage lighting and high-end displays.

User-selected stationary or dynamic color changing sequences can be programmed to on board or can be controlled from central PC, or Yunustech Communication Box.

  • 16 million colors
  • On-board uP
  • Superior light output
  • Wired or wireless network-able
  • Small size
  • Military grade components
Fish Shaped Accent Lights

Featured Case Study

Baby Fish Tide

Future Electronics brough Yunustech as a system integrator to this project. Yunustech is worked with Mr. Tholen very closely for this award winning, multi-node, color mixing project. Required technology, firmware, electronics and software have been developed by Yunustech. Yunustech is also manufactured all electronics and light engines.

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