Z532i is designed for machine lighting, medical illumination systems, stage and sculpture lighting

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Z5Stamp is specifically designed for Gaggione Optics and Optics holders.

Z532i is compatible with all Yunustech wired and wireless light control accessories and Choreographer Light Control software. On board DC/DC converter allows any voltage between 5V and 50VDC.

For superior heat transfer, Z5 printed circuit boards are made of aluminum.

  • Wired/Wireless Control
  • Single LED module
  • Optional optical lens
  • SEOUL Z5 Series LED
  • IDC type easy wire connection
  • Up to 225Lm @1000mA
  • On board DC/DC converter, bypass diode
  • Optional on board uP for serially addressable light control
  • Military grade electronic components
Fish Shaped Accent Lights

Featured Case Study

Baby Fish Tide

Future Electronics brough Yunustech as a system integrator to this project. Yunustech is worked with Mr. Tholen very closely for this award winning, multi-node, color mixing project. Required technology, firmware, electronics and software have been developed by Yunustech. Yunustech is also manufactured all electronics and light engines.

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