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We supply classic lighting fixtures to worship houses, churches and synagogues. Our fixtures are all hand made, state of the art, brass rimmed, stained glass based and originally designed for incandescent lights. We have converted them to fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent lights are quite economically but the shape and the size we are using is hard to source. Dimming is another problem and well as short life span. These fixtures are hung 20-25 feet up and it is very costly to change light bulbs. We need a solution but our low production quantity does not leave us much room. Yunustech, has found another lighting company might use the same light engine when it is designed. While we both were working in different segments of the lighting industry there would be no confidentiality issue. Yunustech has designed a custom light strip a donut shape 10,000LM another board and a custom extruded finned heatsink. Once design is completed, Yunustech made a massive extrusion mold at their far east factory fast and inexpensively.


Lighting Designer, Business owner

From store lighting systems to LED lighting for power supplies, Yunustech offers modern LED lighting for stores and retail applications.

Yunustech’s customizable solutions deliver a long-lasting, adjustable and energy efficient LED lighting system.

Countless Solutions for Designers

Designers working in the retail fixture design industry often have difficulty choosing the correct shape, colour, intensity, efficacy, heat dissipation, drivers and controls. Yunustech offers lighting subcomponents that can form unmatchable shapes, sizes and formatted light engines.

Yunustech offers lighting subcomponents that can form uncountable shapes, sizes and format light engines:

LED BOARDS: Boards range from ⅛ x1/8 to 18 x23 in size, from 100 lumen to 230,000 lumen in intensity, from 400nm UV to 700nm in spectrum and from 1Watt to 2KWatt.

HEAT SINKS: Natural convection based, extruded, fined or staked pinned, from 1×1 to 18 round, forced convection based, heat pipe based or water cooled.

OPTICS: Off-the-shelf or custom coulometers, color mixing lenses, light pipes, diffuser films, and electrically controllable diffusers.

LED DRIVERS: Off-the-shelf power supplies and custom-made Kratos series power supplies.

CONTROLLERS: DMX, 0-10V, PWM controllers

Our Process

  • After our designers meet with you, we create a Requirements document outlining your specific needs.
  • After you approve this document, Yunustech prepares a quotation for engineer budget and a cost target for the finished products.
  • After receiving your order, we assemble a light engine prototype and submit for your approval.
  • We often custom label the product under the client’s name.
  • Following your approval we deliver the light engines as per your schedule.

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CRIsp is one of the industry leading linear light boards designed for effective use of LUXEON REBEL LEDs. These versatile boards can be connected in any combination of parallel and serial branches without need of multiple constant current power supplies.


Every Rebelstamp employs a high current bypass diode. If LED becomes defective, the bypass diode will allow continuous illumination.


Versa Light is ideal for outdoor, mining and fire hazard environments. Built-in temperature control automatically reduces the current if temperature reaches over the specified working limit.


Z532i is designed for machine lighting, medical illumination systems, stage and sculpture lighting. It is specifically designed for Gaggione Optics and Optics holders

Greenhouse Purple Lights

August 5, 2017

Surgical Light Development

August 5, 2017

Fish-Shaped Accent Lights

August 5, 2017

Horticulture Solutions

Our LED lighting products are specifically designed for agriculture and greenhouses to deliver long-lasting, adjustable and energy efficient lighting.

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Custom Solutions

From LED lighting for surgical rooms to high-end residential lighting, Yunustech creates custom lighting solutions for installations around the globe.

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