Retail Versa Lighting

Versa Light is ideal for outdoor, mining and fire hazard environments.

Built-in temperature control automatically reduces the current if temperature reaches over the specified working limit. After a certain threshold, the system will shut down the current until temperature goes back to safe operating conditions.

Individual current regulators provide constant current to each individual LED to allow current regulations under changing conditions like temperature, aging, and input voltage variations.

  • PWM Dimming
  • Superior Light Output
  • On board current control
  • Aluminum extrusion and dome (optional)
Fish Shaped Accent Lights

Featured Case Study

Baby Fish Tide

Future Electronics brough Yunustech as a system integrator to this project. Yunustech is worked with Mr. Tholen very closely for this award winning, multi-node, color mixing project. Required technology, firmware, electronics and software have been developed by Yunustech. Yunustech is also manufactured all electronics and light engines.

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